Pet Keepsakes

I love creating paw prints and mostly work with dogs. 

3D Paws – Small £125, Medium £135 and large breeds £150

Handclasp with Paw £165 


Bereavement Handclasp with Paw £195 – £250

2D Impressions – Framed with Photo £120


2D Impressions – Hanging Tile (single print) £45 

Shelf Based Keepsakes £135- £155


Love Signs Framed £165 – £225 – Please enquire as the breed size will be a factor

Feline Friends – Bereavement Keepsakes £115 – £175

Paw Print Jewellery – Please refer to Silver Jewellery Page

*When working with dogs, I recommend a discussion prior to any paw casting. Dogs need to be comfortable having their paws handled and being food orientated helps. I do not wish to cause any distress to a pet and choose not to work with animals that require a muzzle. An appointment may have it’s challenges but should be fun and rewarding for both owner and pet.

In Loving Memory – Memorial Keepsakes

Being a dog owner myself, I know how devastating the loss of a beloved pet can be. Pet keepsakes are a wonderful way to ease the pain and a lovely reminder of the years you shared with your dog or cat.

This service is offered by working with the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter and veterinary clinics where paw prints can be turned into forever keepsakes. For each memorial keepsake created, a donation will be made to the JSPCA.

Should the opportunity be missed but you have an ink paw print already, paw print jewellery can still be created. Get in touch for further details. 

Thank you to the following businesses for your support in providing this service.

JSPCA Animals’ Shelter

New Era Veterinary Hospital

Jersey Village Vets

All Pets Veterinary Centre