3D Baby Casts

3D casts are special keepsakes where every detail is captured, hand painted in the finish of your choice; professionally framed or shelf based.

Framed Casts 

2 Casts (hands, feet or one of each) £155, with photo £175

4 Casts (2 hands, 2 feet or Twins) £180, with photo £200

Love Signs

Baby (newborn to 12mths) £200

‘O’ and ‘V’ combo (newborn to 12mths) £225, ‘L’ and ‘V’ combo (young siblings) £255

Love with photos (newborn to 6mths) £225

Siblings / Milestones / Babies & Pets – POA

Shelf Based and Hanging Keepsakes (newborn to 12mths)

Double £90.00, Hanging Heart £100, Love £145

Keepsakes for toddlers age 13 months+ are available and subject to an additional cost.

Before any pet castings are confirmed, I recommend a discussion prior to any paw casting. Dogs need to be comfortable having their paws handled.

Please enquire for further details.