3D Baby Casts

Little Hands and tiny toes, capture those baby wrinkles with these special castings. A beautiful memory to keep them small forever as they grow up too fast! Baby casts are suitable for newborn until 12 months. After 12 months, they

2D Impressions

Simple yet beautiful, these raised impressions make great keepsakes. They are created by taking an impression in a soft clay which captures all the creases, lines and wrinkles. They can be presented framed or left as a hanging tile.  Hanging

Family Hands

Capture the moment! A wonderful way to create a truly special keepsake. So many options to explore for couples, parents and baby, children, grandparents and more…. Clasped hands are done ‘bucket’ style and can include up to 6 people at

Silver Jewellery

Whether a hand, foot, fingerprint or paw, a unique and personal keepsake is created just for you! Every charm is carefully handcrafted using an eco-friendly product containing recycled silver. When fired, it turns into pure (99.9%) silver. In order to

Body Casting

Be bold, be brave, be confident! Create a beautiful and unique life casting keepsake from your own body. Baby Bumps, Faces, Breasts, Chests, Backs and Bums! An initial consultation is offered to explore the options, the process, discuss the body