Silver Jewellery

Every piece of jewellery is carefully handcrafted using an eco-friendly product containing recycled silver. When fired, it turns into pure (99.9%) silver. Whether a hand, foot, fingerprint or paw, a unique and personal keepsake is created.




Pendants & Charms

Small – Fingerprint or 1 print (Hand, Foot, Paw) £65

Medium (1 or 2 prints) £80

Large (2 or 3 prints) £110

Stacking Pendants

Small & Medium £120

Medium & Large £155

Triple, small – large £205


Chains, 16-18″ Curb or Snake Style £10

Bracelets, Snake Style £15

Charm Carrier, £15

Angel Wing, £5

Machine Engraved, £10

*Other styles of chains and bracelets can be custom ordered.

Shapes, Sizes & Customisation


Fingerprint definition is captured straight into the clay and hand, foot and paw prints are made into stamps. This means that once a print has been taken, a re-order of the exact print on a different keepsake is just a matter of a call or email.

*Pure (99.9%) silver describing and selling as precious metal clay. Legally, items over 7.78g of silver require hallmarking or they cannot be described as silver. Cufflinks are created using pure silver tops and sterling silver fittings so hallmarking would not be necessary as would bear the mark of sterling silver. Hallmarking of any item can be arranged at an additional cost and is your guarantee that the item you are purchasing is what you think it is.