About Me

Who am I?

In a nutshell, I am a mum, a wife, an entrepreneur, a multitasker, an organiser, and simply someone who is somehow just managing to keep it together.

On any day I will be juggling the family, work, business, and life in general. I will be walking the dog, doing the school run, cooking dinner, helping my son with his schoolwork, on the laptop completing admin and replying to messages, half listening to my husband (that does go both ways – LOL). This is all done under the watchful eye of my fur baby who is always happy to get a little bit of extra attention.

I spent many years in jobs that I was very good at, but I had no passion for. Every day I am reminded how fast my son is growing up and I wanted the flexibility to spend time with my family, I wanted to be inspired, I wanted something for me. So, I found the courage to start my own business – Love Casting.

What is Love Casting?

It’s personal keepsakes and treasured memories in time.  I hear all the time how clients regret not having more captured moments to hold on to and remind them how small their baby/child once was. How the scrapbook where they should have written all the notes of the precious memories is still in its wrapping. Or at least mine is!

After training in the art of life-casting, I feel so fortunate to create forever keepsakes for families. I love capturing treasured moments of little hands, tiny toes and precious paws. Marking special moments or occasions – babies, weddings, anniversaries, three generations casts.  It’s never too late to create a family memory.

Nicole Le Cornu

A member of The Creators HQ, a community of creators in Jersey, Channel Islands.